Beaver Dam children’s choir One Voice presents first public concert

May 8, 2019

The Beaver Dam children’s choir One Voice will offer its first public concert Friday at 7 p.m.

The group will present “It’s Showtime” at the Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre’s Fine Arts Center, 117 W. Maple Ave.

A group of 30 vocalists in grades 3-5 have been rehearsing weekly since Jan. 27. Co-directors Judy Heffron and Darby Hintz created the choir.

“Everybody has his or her own voice — a good strong voice,” Heffron said. “They’re coming from many different schools and different communities and creating a lot of strength and power. Everyone who is involved is important, and we’ll work to form ‘one voice’ together.”

The children have a wide range of talents, with a variety of schooling backgrounds, Heffron said.

“We had one small concert for family and friends and they did an awesome job,” Heffron said. “From day one, they’ve shown awesome talent. They really are an amazing group.”

“Our preview concert had some pieces in two parts, but of course we have to be overachievers so we’re singing some songs in three parts,” Hintz said. “It’s challenging for them and it’s challenging for us as well.”

Heffron said the challenge and opportunity to learn and grow is why the choir was created.

According to Heffron, generations of vocal music teachers had talked about forming a community chorus, but nothing ever came of it. The difficulty was finding a location. The partnership with BDACT has filled that need.

“We’ve got a good, central place where kids are safe, which is what we have here in the new BDACT Fine Arts Center,” Heffron said

The difference between a school concert and a One Voice concert is significant.

“Ours is definitely a performance group,” Heffron said. “This group is for kids who enjoy singing and love to share their talents with an audience.”

The program includes everything from a Rogers and Hammerstein hit to an original composition.

“There will be a wide variety of music,” Heffron said. “We have some popular music, and some cultural music. There will be something for every taste.”

Show-stopping tunes include “I Whistle a Happy Tune,” “We are One Voice” (written by Heffron), “Chumbara” (musical nonsense), “Come Dance a Jig” (with three violinists), “Dream Your Dreams” and 10 others.

Admission is $8 per person. Tickets are available online at bdact.org, at Rechek’s Food Pride or at the door.