TC Line: Vet’s Service is Kindly Recognized

December 18, 2018

An act of kindness

At the end of October this year, I visited the wonderful barbershop near 15th and Main Street. The gentleman who preceded me in the barber chair, noticing my 9th Infantry Division Vietnam veteran cap, stopped to thank me for my service and remarked that his division had supported my own. He mentioned medevac services he had provided the 9th. When I rose from the barber’s chair with the best haircut I have had in years, I reached for my billfold, but the barber said that the gentleman who preceded me had already paid my bill. The kindness in action of the gentleman have left a lasting positive impression on my life. Acts of kindness improve lives. Thank you, kind person.

Editor’s note: Beginning with Saturday’s edition and continuing through Christmas Day, the Times-Call will publish only positive TC Line calls.

Local toy drive

Someone called in asking about toy drives. I was just at the King Soopers at 17th and Pace, and they are doing a toy drive there. They have boxes right there by the Starbucks. They’re also doing a coat drive. I don’t know if the other King Soopers are also doing this, but I got the impression from the sign that it might be happening at all King Soopers.

Thanks, Journey

I would like to thank the Journey Church and HOPE and Pastor Rick (Ebbers) at the Journey Church and the lovely woman who sat beside me who selflessly volunteers so much of her time for many causes I’m sure, for the event Monday night at Journey Church . It was so moving and so wonderful. And also, thank you Times-Call for covering it. It definitely was heartwarming and wonderful, and I appreciate it. Thank you so much.

RVs on streets

(I’m) just wondering when we opened up Roger’s Grove for overnight camping. (There) seem to be a lot of RV’s parked on our streets and (in our) parks. We need to get this under control. We have a nice city, and we need to clean up the worn-out, dilapidated motor homes that are ... on the streets. Please address this. Thanks.

Prairie dogs

Prairie dogs are of the rat (order). They kill all the grass. They carry bubonic plague. Those that want to protect them, fence in your yard, collect them yourself, and see what they do to your yard. Yes, they need to be controlled or exterminated.

Grinch in D.C.

We have a Grinch in Washington, D.C. ,who is stealing Christmas happiness from millions of Americans. With the shutdown of the government looming, people will be unable to pay their Christmas bills. And there are just thousands of service men who will not spend Christmas with their families because they’re sitting on the Mexico border doing absolutely nothing. And finally there will be people worried about their future because the stock market has gone down due to poor negotiations by the Grinch with China.

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