7. Torrance, California

February 16, 2019

Photo Credit: Angel La Canfora / Alamy Stock Photo

Overall health score: 83.9Physically healthy at least 14 days in a month: 91.6%Mentally healthy at least 14 days in a month: 90.8%Sufficient sleep (>7 hours/night): 65.4%Physically active: 84.9%Health insurance coverage rate: 92.0%Binge drinking rate: 17.0%Smoking rate: 9.9%Obesity rate: 18.0%

Like Huntington Beach, Torrance sits just outside of Los Angeles and benefits from easy access to the beach. With warm temperatures and low humidity, this southern California city provides residents with ample opportunity to enjoy the outdoors year round. It’s not surprising that Torrance ranks 11th overall for physical activity.