Editorial: Remembering Bob Tatrn

July 31, 2018

The passing of broadcaster Bob Tatrn not only marks the death of a great community figure but the passing of an era.

When radio was still king, Tatrn and his play-by-play pal Joe “Pippo” Falsetti brought pride and fleeting fame to thousands of local high school athletes.

His career began on a New Kensington radio station in 1964 and made its last appearance on cable television.

In between, his voice journeyed though broadcast history on closed circuit and finally satellite broadcasts. It was a time before multimillion-dollar high school stadiums with press boxes built with pampered journalists and school staffers in mind.

Tatrn and his partner, Falsetti, covered games from the back of a dump truck, the top of a ticket booth and hanging from a gondola attached to a utility poll.

It certainly bore no resemblance to modern-day high school broadcasts that fans access on phones and laptop computers.

Through it all Tatrn kept parents, grandparents and high school fans glued to transistor radios and later TV sets.

He may be gone, but those memories will live on.

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