First call: Andrew McCutchen could be trade target for Indians

September 15, 2018

Cutch on the move again?

MLB.com compiled a list of trades that could still take place before postseason rosters need to be set on August 31.

Andrew McCutchen’s name is mentioned.

McCutchen reportedly cleared revocable trade waivers. ESPN’s Buster Olney says the Giants are actively seeking interested teams

On ESPN’s Baseball Tonight podcast, Keith Law said McCutchen is a “perfect fit” for the Cleveland Indians, who are in need of outfielders.

It feels like McCutchen is to the Indians what Chris Archer is to the Pirates. He’s been rumored to go there a few times over. Now, it may actually happen.

It keeps getting worse

There are even more seedy details coming from the Ohio State debacle.

Apparently, embattled head coach Urban Meyer had to put in a “strip club ban” back in 2014 for his assistant coaches.

And, yes, ousted wide receivers coach Zach Smith was involved. TMZ reported details from Ohio State’s investigation report.

Per TMZ, the report says:

• Smith spent at least $600 from “personal funds” at a strip club with another Ohio State football coach and “one or more high school coaches.”

• Meyer found out about that and told Smith that if it happened again, he would be fired.

• In 2014, Meyer made changes to the coaches’ manual to include a “morality clause.” It told staff to avoid “venues that would embarrass” the school and to avoid strip clubs.

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