Euterpe Music Club offers scholarships

March 31, 2019

The Euterpe Music Club of Watertown is accepting applications for its 2019 music camp and college scholarships.

The club annually awards scholarships to recognize and reward music effort and excellence, give financial aid and provide incentive and motivation for musical growth through live, musical performance.

Music camp scholarships are available for piano, band, orchestra and vocal students. A college scholarship is also granted to a student pursuing a music major or minor.

The music camp scholarships are awarded using the following criteria: students must currently be in grades nine to 11; piano students must reside within the Watertown Unified School District boundaries; and band, orchestra and vocal students must be a member of a school’s performing group in the local high schools, Watertown High School, Luther Preparatory School and Maranatha Baptist Academy. Previous applicants may reapply.

Eligibility for the college scholarship is based upon the following: applicants must be graduating seniors pursuing a music degree, or college students currently pursuing a music degree; their parents must reside in the Watertown Unified School District boundaries; and their application, along with two letters of recommendation, must be submitted by the deadline. Past recipients may reapply.

If awarded a scholarship, students are requested to perform for the Euterpe Music Club in a scholarship showcase to be held in April 2020.

To receive an application for any of the scholarships, contact the music department of one’s high school or email Juanita Edington at jaemusiclover@gmail.com. The deadline to return the applications is April 19. The mailing address is on the application form.