COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) _ An Arab student group at Ohio State University withdrew its invitation to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to speak on the campus because the school insisted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be invited as well.

Both men are in Washington this week preparing to finalize an agreement on further Israeli troop pullouts in the West Bank.

Malcolm Baroway, the school's chief spokesman, said Monday the conditions were made in the interest of balance.

``This was a unique situation that developed with two world leaders in the country at the same time,'' Baroway said.

Ohio State's Arab Student Association, however, said the decision showed a double standard.

``This was to be a historical event of international proportions,'' said Jad A. Humeidan, president of the group. ``This attempt at reaching a balance seems to be only applicable when the speaker is a Palestinian figure.''

He said the students in his group were not opposed to an invitation going to the Israeli prime minister. ``I'd love to hear him speak,'' Humeidan said. ``I have a few questions for him myself.

``But I'm opposed to that being made a condition of Arafat's invitation.''

Nasser Al-Kidwa, permanent observer of Palestine to the United Nations, told The Columbus Dispatch on Monday that his office had been prepared to recommend to Arafat that he accept the invitation from Ohio State.

``Normally, our recommendations are not taken lightly,'' Al-Kidwa said.

Arafat's New York office would require a letter from the university indicating its support for the appearance.

Baroway said the university was prepared to send a pair of invitations: one to Arafat on behalf of the Arab student group, the International Law Society and the Muslim Student Association, and the other to Netanyahu on behalf of the Hillel Foundation and the Columbus Schottenstein Chabad House, both Jewish organizations.