TC Line: Airport No Asset

August 29, 2018

Longmont airport

If the airport is truly a financial asset to the city, it should be able to show that within the budget. Look at the budget. It’s not an asset.

Jimmy Carter

Here’s another short fact about Jimmy Carter that you may or may not know. The man still lives in his ($168,000) house that he (built 57) years ago and shops at the Dollar General. Being president was never about money for the man. It was making America a better place in this world. ... The differences couldn’t be more striking.

Trump and the left

I just read a very interesting article by a historian/political science professor. ... His comment was very profound. Trump drives the left crazy, and their responses are hostile.

Dems and Sessions

Funny. Democrats hated Jeff Sessions, and now that Trump wants to fire him, they love him. “Oh my gosh, don’t fire Rosenstein and Sessions!” Before, you guys hated them. So you just want to do anything that’s opposite.

Teens and politicians

Erratic and inappropriate spontaneous responses to other people’s behavior is usually limited to teenagers who are figuring out how to mature into responsible adults. I think many of us are surprised that we’re watching it unfold on the nightly news every day from Washington, D.C.

Trump and maturity

I get a real chuckle out of comments to the TC Line from Trump backers who speak of maturity. If there’s anything that Trump lacks, it’s that. It’s interesting also to watch how he squirms and shouts when an investigation or court case gets close to his wrongdoing. If he has no wrong doing, why is he so upset?

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