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Group Gives Alternative Peace Prize Award With AM-Sahharov, AM-Bonner, Bjts

December 8, 1985

OSLO, Norway (AP) _ A group of Norwegians who oppose the awarding of the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize to a group including a Soviet deputy minister honored an imprisoned Soviet dissident on Saturday with what they called an alternative prize.

British doctor Allan Wynn accepted a candlestick on behalf of Anatoly Koryagin, 47, a psychiatrist arrested in February 1981 after claiming that the Soviet government uses psychiatry to muzzle dissidents.

He was sentenced to seven years in a labor camp and five years of internal exile on charges of anti-Soviet activity.

Wynn was identified as chairman of the Andrei Sakharov Campaign, a board member of the Andrei Sakharov Institute, and co-founder of the International Association on the Political Use of Psychiatry.

Sakharov, one of the developers of the Soviet hydrogen bomb and winner of the 1975 Nobel Peace Prize, is his country’s best known dissident. He is living in internal exile at the closed city of Gorky.

The group that honored Koryagin on Saturday gave similar candlestick awards to Sakharov’s wife, Yelena Bonner, in 1975 and to Danuta Walesa in 1983 when they came to Oslo to accept Nobel Peace Prizes on behalf of their husbands.

Sakharov and Lech Walesa, founder of the outlawed Polish labor movement Solidarity, were refused visas by their governments to come to Oslo and accept the prizes themselves. Mrs. Bonner was recently granted an exit visa to seek medical care in the West, and arrived in the United States on Saturday.

This time, the Norwegian group said it was giving its prize to Koryagin to protest the selection of Soviet cardiologist Yevgeny Chazov as one of the recipients of the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize, to be awarded in Oslo on Tuesday.

The group said Chazov, a Soviet deputy health minister, ″in 1973 had directly contributed to an official Soviet campaign against Sakharov, thus contributing to his oppression.″

Chazov and Dr. Bernard Lown of Boston, Mass., are founders and co- presidents of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, the actual winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Lown also will represent the group at the award ceremony.

Jakob Sverdrup, secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, acknowledged that its five members did not know Chazov had signed an anti-Sakharov declaration published in the Soviet Union 12 years ago.

″Of course it was quite embarrassing to learn that now, but it does not chance the fact that IPPNW as an organization is a worthy winner,″ Sverdrup said in an interview on Norwegian radio.

In Washington, State Department spokeswoman Anita Stockman said U.S. Ambassador Robert Douglas Stuart ″will not be in Norway during the award ceremony in Oslo. The charge (d’affaires) will attend in his absence.″

Asked about the physicians’ group, she replied:

″Although we differ on several issues, we share the overall goal of the IPPNW, the prevention of nuclear war, and have kept informed of the group’s positions.

″We believe the efforts of Dr. Lown and other non-governmental international participants who state their views and publicize them throughout the West are a sincere effort to grapple with difficult issues. The same cannot be said for Dr. Chazov, who is an official of the U.S.S.R and cannot take public positions not sanctioned by his government,″ she said.

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