Former Kiski Area coach to remain free awaiting sexual misconduct trial

August 4, 2018
Former Kiski Area coach to remain free awaiting sexual misconduct trial

Former Kiski Area football coach Ryan O’Toole leaves court on Tuesday after waiving his charges to trial. He is accused of having sex with a student while employed by the district.

Former Kiski Area coach Ryan O’Toole, who is accused of having sex with a student, will remain free while he awaits his trial.

O’Toole, 27, of Penn Hills is charged with one count of having sex with a student while an employee of a school, three counts of corruption of minors and one count of harassment.

The charges against O’Toole came after a months-long investigation that began last November after allegations were made by five victims who were students at Kiski Area High School. One victim accuses O’Toole of having sex with her, while others accuse O’Toole of sending inappropriate text messages, making sexual comments during a workout and other sexual advances.

O’Toole was scheduled to have a preliminary arraignment and hearing Tuesday, but waived his right to a hearing.

District Judge Cheryl Peck-Yakopec said there was no need to have an arraignment because O’Toole received his charges in the mail and waived the preliminary hearing.

O’Toole was ordered not to have any unsupervised contact with minors except his own child, no contact with the victims and no contact with any school.

Peck-Yakopec set O’Toole’s bond at $10,000 unsecured, which means he doesn’t have to pay anything up front and doesn’t go to jail unless he violates one of the provisions the judge set or he doesn’t show up to his next court date.

Peck-Yakopec said she took into account when setting the bond that the incidents weren’t recent, he hasn’t been accused of anything else and he hasn’t tried to leave town throughout the investigation.

O’Toole’s attorney, Owen Seman, had no comment as he left court. O’Toole left in Seman’s car.

O’Toole was the owner of RM Performance Training, which was described on its website as a company that provides personal training for student-athletes privately and through school districts. The website for the business had been taken down by Tuesday.

Peck-Yakopec said the business no longer exists.

O’Toole is scheduled to have a formal arraignment at 9 a.m. Oct. 10 in front of Westmoreland County Judge Meagan Bilik-DeFazio.

Court documents reveal O’Toole admitted during a police interview on Dec. 6, 2017, that he engaged in inappropriate behavior and contact with current and former students at Kiski Area High School.

Kiski Area officials previously confirmed O’Toole served as Kiski’s assistant football coach during the 2017 season and was associated with Kiski Area students through his training business.

Court document show the high school’s assistant principal referred information about the allegations to Westmoreland County Children and Youth Services. After the allegations came to light, O’Toole was interviewed about them by the high school principal, assistant principal and athletic director. He was fired following the interview.

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