Some people in Carrboro want to change the town’s name

September 4, 2018


Some people in Carrboro want to change the town’s name, according to town officials.

Carrboro is named for Julian Carr, a white supremacist who gave a fiery speech at the dedication of the Silent Sam statue.

The Board of Aldermen decided against renaming the town, saying it would be too complicated and costly. Instead, a group will gather this month to start working on a “Truth Plaque” that will acknowledge the town’s history while also affirming its commitment to working for social justice.

Deb Aikat, Ph.D., an associate professor at UNC’s School of Media and Journalism, said the town told him that Carrboro citizens, including members of the NAACP and local historians, will begin writing the wording of the Truth Plaque.

“The Truth Plaque will acknowledge that Carrboro is named after the Julian Carr and refer to his racist legacy, cite the racist history of the town as well as celebrate Carrboro’s local civil rights heroes and affirm Carrboro’s commitment to continuing to work for social justice,” Aikat said to WRAL. “But I have respectfully pointed out to them that a Truth Plaque may not be enough.

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