Platte Institute Chief Executive Director gives legislative update at luncheon

September 22, 2018

NORFOLK - An educational luncheon was held Wednesday by the Platte Institute at the Norfolk Country Club.

Chief Executive Officer Jim Vokal spoke to those in attendance about what the Platte Institute is and what they do, property taxes, education funding, tax reform, and the upcoming legislative session.

Vokal says he has an opinion on what he wants to see for the future of taxes in our state.

“In a perfect world I think we have to eliminate these carve outs. We’ve got to look at some of these sales tax exemptions. If incentives are looked at then we have to bring down the corporate tax rate because that’s why they’re there. I’d like to see a significant amount of money go towards property tax relief through the reduction of rates. Finally we have to find some money leftover to lower the personal income tax rate.”

Vokal also says the state will have to look at modernizing the current tax structure as it has been the same for the past 50 years through the changing economy.

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