Letters To The Editor 11/28/2018

November 28, 2018


Sensible solutions

Editor: When a friend asked whether I considered myself liberal or conservative, I replied, “neither.” I would rather be called a “common-sense-ative.”

It is apparent to me that both standard alliances have been profoundly perverted. The course of each respective ideology has become so deeply rutted in their narrow-minded constituents that neither can see the forest for the trees. So, this begs the question, what do we common-sense-atives think?

■ There should be a wall against the southern border. Instead of invading our country, these people should rise up en masse and attack the tyrannical regimes responsible for their misery. I’m sure the United States would be happy to help.

■ There should be a ban on assault weapons. Some people ascribe the Second Amendment to holy grail status, as though it were a proclamation from God or some other infallible entity. Well, it wasn’t. It was ratified 227 years ago by a group of musket-toting patriots who felt it necessary to protect themselves and their families from all manner of oppressors.

■ Pharmaceutical companies should be limited to produce only an amount of opioid pain pills that would fulfill the needs of those who genuinely require them.

■ Medical malpractice lawsuits need serious reform. Malpractice insurance premiums are a leading driver of the runaway train of health care costs.

■ Pre-existing conditions should not preclude anyone from obtaining affordable health care.

■ There should be term limits for all political positions. Far too many of our law and policy makers rely so heavily on maintaining their careers that they lose sight of the fact that they were elected to serve us.




Assertions clarified

Editor: I agree with Harry (Skip) Hillier (“Assertions disputed,” Nov. 19) that, “President Trump has no class.”

Trump has no understanding of the presidency or his role as its occupant. His narcissism, arrogance and bullying, born of ignorance and insecurity, are no substitutes for the empathy, honesty and morality required to lead the country.

I don’t agree with Hillier that I distorted facts, unless he convinces the dictionary to change the meaning of three words.

■ Grovel: to act in an obsequious manner to obtain someone’s favor.

Trump groveled toward Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki when he obsequiously accepted Putin’s “strong and powerful denial” of Russia’s 2016 election cyberattacks, dismissing assessments of our intelligence agencies to the contrary. Though the wisdom of President Obama’s attempt to reset our relationship with Russia can be debated, it neither explains nor excuses Trump’s groveling.

■ Encourage: to urge or spur on.

Trump encouraged violence at rallies: “If somebody is getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them … I’ll pay the legal fees.”

■ Good: possessing moral character.

Hillier implies that organizers of the Unite the Right rally were “good people.” Their goal was “to preserve history by saving a statue of Robert E. Lee.” In fact, Jason Kessler, a white supremacist and neo-Nazi, obtained the permit and organized the rally. Not only were white supremacists invited to the rally, they organized it.

This discussion of Charlottesville doesn’t address the conversation this country must have about monuments honoring Civil War leaders who fought to dissolve the Union in defense of slavery. Given that history and our country’s continued struggle with racism, such a conversation, though necessary, will be difficult. As William Faulkner prophetically said in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, “The past is not dead; it is not even past.”




Ivanka’s privilege

Editor: In spite of the big stink her father made of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, first daughter Ivanka Trump went ahead and did just about the same thing.

Why do you suppose she did that? Do people think she didn’t know better? Maybe she knew better, but after all, she’s the president’s daughter and a favorite of his. Was it necessary or just a convenience? Maybe she just didn’t think of the legality of it. Or maybe it was a combination of all of the above.

My guess is that she didn’t care enough to bother to use an appropriate government server. I think she’s a very clever woman, but not that bright. Did she get good grades in college? Well, with a wealthy father, you can bet she did. My point is she is the beloved of her father and can do no wrong. So why bother doing anything the right way? Why bother to be sure to use the right server?

His is a family of privilege, accustomed to getting its way on anything, no matter how important or minor. Daddy can fix it and certainly will. He’s convinced he can kill somebody on the street and nothing would happen to him. He either actually believes he’s untouchable or he likes putting on a big front.

A good idea may be to “lock her up.” Even better would be a public shaming. How about taking away her privilege to enter the White House? It would be nice to do the same for dear old dad. A better theme could be to “change the locks” and do that to all of Washington. Well, we can dream, can’t we?




Floodwater to rescue

Editor: Well, President Trump hit a recent new low.

He told California homeowners that they lost their homes due to poor firefighting and poor forest management. He is the kind of guy who would row up to the Titanic and throw ice cubes at people in life rafts.

I have a solution that could solve a lot of problems and make Trump look like a hero. Instead of spending a billion dollars on a useless border wall that would divide people and cause more hatred, build a floodwater pipeline. We could pump water through American-made pipes from flooding in Texas, Florida, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee and other places. Flooding could be directed to create huge, manmade lakes in northern California. That way, firemen there would have a huge supply of ready floodwater to contain wildfires much sooner.

Flooded cities, like Houston, could be emptied of water with pipes and pumping stations as flooding occurs. If people think this is foolish because the water would be pumped hundreds of miles to California, I ask, what is a better idea?

The caravan of jobless immigrants near the border could even earn money and citizenship by being laborers and helping to build this much-needed water pipeline.



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