Carolyn Blackmore: Russia did interfere

April 13, 2019

Editor: Wouldn’t it be nice if the guest opinion pieces and letters to the editors in our newspaper provided factual information and thoughtful perspectives on issues of the day? It seems so many are merely vehicles for sowing political division and hatred. A recent example is the April 12, 2019, letter to the editor regarding the Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation into election interference.

The reality is that Russia did and continues to interfere in our elections. This is a big deal and one not yet adequately addressed, I think. Regardless of your opinion of the President or Democrats, the Mueller investigation resulted in the indictment of more than 30 people, including 26 Russians, three Russian companies, and four Americans associated with the President. This body of investigative work is just a beginning in the fight to preserve our election process from illegal influences. That is what our focus needs to be on and our discussions about. It is not just another opportunity to politically smear and denigrate those holding different political opinions.

Carolyn Blackmore

Lake Havasu City