Six Crawford Run Road properties rezoned in Frazer

October 3, 2018

Property owners on the northern side of Crawford Run Road near the intersection of Butler Logan Road will have a new zoning designation.

Supervisors approved changing the zoning of six properties from Residential Moderate Density (RMD) to Residential Agricultural (RA).

One of the differences between the two zoning districts is that horses can be kept on a lot consisting of less than 10 acres.

Supervisor Lori Ziencik said the township has not been approached by anyone wanting to open a horse farm in the area and anyone who would want to engage in farm-related activity would have to get a conditional use permit from the township.

The idea for the zoning change came from a resident living near Deer Lakes Park who claimed property owners on the other side of the road were in an RA district and thought it wasn’t fair and another resident who wants to keep a few horses on his property.

Supervisors changed the zoning of six properties. Those lots are owned by William Creevey, the Bertoline family, Edwin A. Murray, the Kieszek family, Paul E. Fairone and the Antic family.

Creevey, a township supervisor, sat in the audience during the hearing and did not participate.

All six properties had to be brought in to the new zoning designation since anything under 10 acres is considered spot zoning, which is illegal.

Resident Tom Lesney of Lesney Concrete Co. was asked if the new district would affect him and he was told it wouldn’t since his property is on the other side Crawford Run Road and isn’t included in the rezoning.

The RA zoning district permits campgrounds and places of worship, among other uses, according to the Frazer website.

No members of the public objected to the rezoning.

The Frazer Planning Commission approved the new ordinance at its August meeting.

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