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REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK: Hey, Mr. President, How’s Your Game?

December 31, 1993

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (AP) _ President Clinton is mostly ignoring reporters as he scurries to and fro on Hilton Head Island, vacationing with his family and attending the annual Renaissance Weekend retreat.

Entering his hotel Thursday, Clinton even disregarded a barrage of shouted questions about his golf game. But he relented when one wag suggested ″it must not have been much of a game.″

The president chuckled, turned and retorted, ″I did fine. It WAS a good game.″ He said he shot an 87.


Some locals are going to extremes to get close to Clinton.

Take Mae Wunder Kemp, for example. She bought a life-size cardboard cutout of the president from a mail-order catalog two months ago and carried it into the Hyatt lobby.

Mrs. Wunder Kemp said that ″when he’s too busy to greet somebody, he can use this.″

The cutout, which depicted Clinton in a dark suit with a white shirt and red tie, looked remarkably like the president, except his hair was less gray.

″It’s been in my living room for two days,″ Mrs. Wunder Kemp said. ″I walked by and said, ‘Oh, Mr. President, there you are.’ ″

She acknowledged that she had hoped the gimmick might help her get up a close-up look at the president.

As Mrs. Wunder Kemp spoke with reporters in the lobby, Clinton’s 13-year- old daughter, Chelsea, walked by, glanced at the crowd and went the other way.


Clinton may be on an island getaway, but he doesn’t have to look far to find some White House insiders.

Four top-level White House aides are also guests at the social and public policy retreat, including the event’s founder, Phil Lader, who is deputy chief of staff at the White House.

Also attending are Bruce Reed and Ira Magaziner, both senior policy advisers and White House deputy counsel Joel Klein.

Education Secretary Dick Riley, a former South Carolina governor, is the only Cabinet member attending the retreat. Other administration officials here are is Walter Delligner, an assistant attorney general, and Reed Hundt, chairman, Federal Communications Commission.

Also in attendance are seven members of Congress, one governor and five ex- governors.

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