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Convicted Sex Offender Posts Sign on Room Door

November 14, 1987

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) _ A convicted child molester ordered to identify himself as a ″dangerous sex offender″ posted a sign on an inside door of the house where he’s staying to comply with the ruling, his probation officer said Friday.

Richard Bateman rents a room in the Portland area and posted the sign on the door to his room, said Tom Grinnell.

Multnomah County District Judge Dorothy Baker ordered the twice-convicted sex offender to post signs on his house and car, with letters at least 3 inches high, reading ″Dangerous Sex Offender. No Children Allowed.″

Grinnell said Bateman was not the only tenant of the house, but that it was a private residence, not a public rooming house. The sign wouldn’t be visible to the public, he said.

Ms. Baker said Friday she was satisfied with the posting on the interior door.

″I don’t anticipate any further court hearings,″ she told The Oregonian. ″If this thing is to work, we have to give it a chance.″

The order to post signs on his car is moot because Bateman’s driver’s license has been suspended for drunken driving, Grinnell said. He said Bateman has applied for an occupational license.

The 47-year-old drywall installer, who was paroled last week, has not yet found a job, Grinnell added.

Bateman pleaded no contest last spring to two counts of sex abuse involving 5-year-old children, a girl who went to his house collecting newspapers and a boy lured inside by the offer of a soda, said Deputy District Attorney Jill Otey.

In 1979, Bateman was convicted of molesting a child lured into his car.

″He’s an opportunist,″ Miss Otey said.

After the second conviction, he was sentenced to jail and five years’ probation with conditions that include the posting of the signs. A judge granted a stay of the posting requirement last week, but on Thursday the Oregon Court of Appeals lifted the stay.

Grinnell said Bateman put the sign up immediately.

Dee Dee Kouns, president of Crime Victims United, a Portland-based grourp that lobbies for victims’ rights, called the sign’s location ″blatantly stupid.″

″I don’t think he should be allowed to get away with that. The signs should be on the front door to comply with the judge’s order,″ she said.

″It’s obvious the people who rented him a room are aware that he is a sex offender, so they are not the ones who need to be notified.″

Ms. Otey said she would need more information about the house.

″If it’s like a boarding house where other people are living, I could see where that could comply,″ she said. ″If it’s like a private home ... I’d simply have more concerns.″

Bateman is appealing the posting order, and the appeals court said Thursday it would expedite the process and hear oral arguments Dec. 24.

In his appeal, Bateman argues that the sign requirement amounts to unconstitutional cruel and unusual punishment.

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