Michelle Whelan: When socialism is a good thing

March 6, 2019

Editor: We can condemn socialism all we want, but since the beginning of civilization, communities of individuals have recognized that some entities are better handled by the centralized power of the entire group which they serve. Police and fire departments are forms of socialism. If they were run capitalistically, each person would pay individually for their protection. We currently accept a myriad of socialistic programs within our country that I think most of us are happy to see continue. There are many, but some of those worth particular note include: the military, Social Security, Medicare, the national highway system, national parks and forests, public education, sanitation and even libraries.

Actually, all services paid for by tax dollars which you may or may not use are socialistic programs.

Civilized people have always realized that certain services and institutions serve all the people better when they are handled by a central government, however that government defines itself. When we pay taxes, we make a tacit agreement that we will all contribute to the mutual good, in return for what is seen as mutual benefits. Some parts of socialism are nothing more than recognizing that we are all in this together.

Michelle Whelan

Lake Havasu City