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Former Pan Am Attendants Charge Costly Seniority Loss With Merger

September 1, 1994

MIAMI (AP) _ Pan American flight attendants lost millions of dollars when their seniority was unfairly cut after the carrier sold its North Atlantic routes to Delta Air Lines, attendants claimed in a lawsuit.

A total of 1,863 attendants who made the switch lost pay and benefits when they were demoted by Delta in 1991, according to the suit filed Wednesday in Dade Circuit Court.

Delta spokesman Todd Clay said he had not seen the lawsuit but rejected the charges as without merit.

When seniority was calculated by Delta, the former Pan Am attendants were treated worse than Pan Am pilots and ground crews and Northeast and Western airline employees in previous Delta acquisitions, flight attendant spokesman Harold Leibovitz claimed.

″They agreed to the formula that was worked out,″ Clay said. ″We feel confident that the assertions made will be found to be without merit, and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves on this.″

The suit filed on behalf of a group calling itself Flight Attendants for Fair Seniority Integration asks for appointment of an arbitrator to consider the case.

Delta bought most of Pan Am’s assets in 1991 shortly before the airline went out of business.