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Twenty Honored As Heroes With PM-Carnegie Heroes

July 2, 1993

Undated (AP) _ The 20 people honored Thursday by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission:

-William H. Hopkins, 42, a security company owner in Battle Creek, Mich., tackled and disarmed a man who had grabbed a police officer’s gun and fired it while the officer was trying to arrest him in a store parking lot.

Police never thanked him.

″We thought we would hear from them but we never did,″ Hopkins said.

-Lisa Marie Griffith, 29, a student, and her husband, Theodore Griffith, 34, a welder, of West Liberty, Iowa, helped save an 82-year-old man whose car was stuck on railroad tracks in Fairport, Iowa, as a train approached.

-Eric J. Ratke, 23, an auto shop manager from Peoria, Ariz., rescued a 2- year-old boy from an apartment filled with flames and dense smoke.

-Joel F. Dube, a 25-year-old delivery van driver from Methuen, Mass., rescued three people from a car that caught fire after it was struck from behind.

-Paul Macsuga, 31, a truck driver from Mississauga, Ontario, crawled over the ice on Lake Catchacoma to save two men from drowning after their cars fell through.

-Salvatore J. Ciambrone, a 28-year-old auto mechanic from Pompano Beach, Fla., dived into a canal to save a 1-year-old girl from the back seat of a partially submerged car.

-James A. Whitley, 19, a supermarket employee and high school student in Lilburn, Ga., died after he was shot twice trying to save a 23-year-old female customer from a man with a gun. She survived.

-Heather A. Stewart, a 26-year-old zoo employee from Westlock, Alberta, kicked and used a sledge hammer to strike a jaguar that was attacking her fellow worker at feeding time. The co-worker suffered a broken arm.

-Paul E. Crawford, 28, a mental health worker from Antioch, Ill., saved two teen-agers from drowning in a frigid lake. He swam while pulling one boy, and the other clung to his friend’s legs.

-Joe W. Wheeldon, 27, of Lansing, Mich., yanked a dazed, 30-year-old man from the railroad tracks seconds before a freight train passed.

-Phillip DeEvans Bretz, 46, of Bermuda Dunes, Calif., reached into a burning sport-utility vehicle to cut a seatbelt and rescue a 28-year-old man trapped inside.

-Daniel Schneider, a 34-year-old equipment operator from Kamloops, British Columbia, broke the window of a burning house to pull out two girls, ages 4 and 11, who later died.

-Robert P. Cotter, 60, of Romulus, Mich., nearly drowned trying to save his grandson from drowning. His son had to enter the water and hold the two up until all three could be reached by boat.

-Sue Brewer, a 29-year-old bartender from Waterbury, Conn., entered a smoke-filled bedroom, and, blinded by smoke, groped around to rescue a 3- month-old girl.

-Jean-Yves Bernard, 32, a carpenter from Lanesville, N.Y., saved a 2-year- old girl from the path of a runaway automobile she had been thrown from. He also dragged her mother out of the car’s way, but she already had been struck by the car and died of her injuries.

-Chad L. Schneider, a 17-year-old college student, and Clinton Carl Quaka, 17, a high school student and farm hand, in Streator, Ill., died in an unsucessful effort to save Schneider’s father from toxic gases inside an underground manure tank.

-Kevin J. Shriel of Chestertown, N.Y., was fishing when he saw a 6-year-old boy having trouble staying afloat in the Schroon River. He swam to the boy, but the two struggled, and 27-year-old Shriel drowned.

-Larry DuBoise, 45, of Winslow, Ariz., an Amtrak assistant engineer, saved a 1-year-old boy playing on railroad tracks in Isleta, N.M. He climbed onto the front of the train and scooped the boy off the tracks.

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