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Abdnor, Janklow Say They’ll Support GOP Ticket With AM-Primaries Rdp

June 2, 1986

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) _ An ad run by the campaign of Republican Sen. Jim Abdnor accuses his opponent in Tuesday’s primary, GOP Gov. Bill Janklow, of being ″dictatorial″ and says Janklow won’t be able to ″handle it″ if he loses.

″He’s been a good governor, but he’s been dictatorial about it,″ the ad, which appeared in several newspapers over the weekend, quoted Republican Secretary of State Alice Kundert as saying. ″I resent it. Everybody resents it.″

″I’ll tell you something else,″ she said in the ad. ″I don’t want to be within a thousand miles if this man loses. I don’t think he can handle it. He’s never lost. And he can’t believe that people would dare not think that he’s been the greatest governor in the world.″

Abdnor’s campaign manager, Frank Thieman, said Monday that he considered the ad fair.

″Alice said what many, many Republicans and legislators have said under their breath for years,″ Thieman said. ″All that was is just a quote from one of the most respected cheerleaders and hard workers for the Republican Party.″

Meanwhile, Thieman took pains to remove doubts that Abdnor had raised over the weekend as to whether he would support a victorious Janklow.

Abdnor told the Sioux Falls Argus Leader on Sunday that he hadn’t had time to think whether he’d endorse Janklow and would not make a commitment on election night. ″I just would want to hold back and talk with my people ... see what they have to say,″ he said.

But Thieman said Monday that ″Jim Abdnor has told me since last September that win, lose or draw, he will support the ticket. He’s worked hard for the party and Republican ticket for 30 years.″

Janklow has said he will support Abdnor if Abdnor wins the primary.

The only independent statewide poll showed Abdnor up by 10 points, but Janklow said he has steadily closed the gap.

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