FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) _ The family of a cancer patient who died after he was given seven times the normal dosage of an anti-cancer drug will receive a $11.1 million settlement from the hospital, officials said.

The family of William O. Wray Jr. will receive the money under a settlement approved Tuesday in which a judge held All Saints Episcopal Hospital liable for his death.

Wray, 45, died in June 1984 after he was given seven times the usual dosage of the drug Velban. Doctors said the huge dosage destroyed his immune system.

Court depositions show the overdose came after a hospital pharmacist misunderstood a prescription order given verbally rather than in writing.

Lawyers for the Wray family and the hospital say inclusion in the out-of- court settlement of a judicial finding of liability was highly unusual.

Hospital lawyer Grant Liser said a finding of liability in a civil suit usually comes only after a trial. If the parties to a suit reach a settlement, he said, the defendant does not normally admit liability.

Hospital officials agreed to the unusual agreement, Liser said, because of the fear that a jury might award punitive damages that would bankrupt the hospital. As it was, the settlement was the largest in the hospital's history, he said.

Wray's widow, Frances, and three children will receive an immediate payment of $1.5 million. The remaining $9.6 million will come over a 30- to 60- year period from an annuity fund established by the hospital for $1.7 million.

''It's a terrible price to pay to bring a message to the community,'' Mrs. Wray said. ''Maybe it will make people more aware that things do go on that never get publicized.''