David City church for sale

December 14, 2018

The Congregational Christian Church of David City building is on the market for the second time over a three-year course.

Located at 696 N. Fifth St., the church closed down in September 2015 due to declining membership. According to The Banner-Press archives, the building is nearly 150 years old.

In May 2016, The Rev. Pedro Vargas purchased the building for $10,000, according to the County Assessor Office. The church was used by the Columbus Spanish Mission, a Seventh Day Adventist Church for Spanish speakers.

Vargas said the intention was to establish a Spanish church in David City, but the attempt was short-lived.

Vargas said the majority of the church’s congregation came from Columbus, with a few from Schuyler and only one family living in David City. Eventually, the driving distance was too much for people, so the church purchased a property in Columbus and relocated there.

“As time passed by, it got a little more difficult to bring all of our members to David City every week, especially in the winter,” Vargas said. “We decided to go with a more accessible location for the majority.”

Now with no use for the building, Vargas put it up for sale earlier this year. Despite having no other advertisement for the property outside of a ‘For Sale’ sign on the building’s front lawn, Vargas said he has received some phone calls from interested parties, but has received no official offers.

Some potential buyers have shown interest in flipping the building and converting it into a residential home, but Vargas said he wants it to stay a church.

“We prefer it if someone would use it for Christian meetings or some kind of community center,” Vargas said.

Ward 2 David City City Council Member Pat Meysenburg said he would like someone to purchase the property soon because he would hate to see it remain empty for long.

“Any building in town, I would hope that someone would buy it and use it,” Meysenburg said.

Recently, Vargas said there has been an uptick in people calling about the property an he’s hopeful that someone will purchase it soon. Those interested in the property can contact Vargas via phone at 402-504-2306.

“I’m not sure when,” Vargas said about the property’s sale. “ I’m just being patient.”

Eric Schucht is a reporter for The Banner-Press. Reach him via email at eric.schucht@lee.net.

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