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Ukraine Town Resumes Danube Use

February 24, 2000

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) _ Ukrainian authorities declared water from the Danube River fit for water supplies in a southern town Wednesday, three weeks after a major cyanide spill contaminated the river, the news agency Interfax reported.

Ukrainian authorities in the Odessa region made the decision after determining that cyanide levels had dropped to a safe level, the report said.

The authorities claimed the water from the Danube was clear enough for city needs, the news agency said. It did not specify if residents were told they can drink the tap water.

Environmental officials said that herring have come to the region for spawning, indicating the water is clearing, according to the report.

Vilkovo and other settlements in Ukraine’s southern Odessa and western Zakarpattia regions have used water transferred from the other regions since an accident cyanide engered the Danube from a Romanian gold mine.

Other settlements in Ukraine are still banned from fishing and using the water until March 9.

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