McDonald’s, 5 other kitchens, failed Danbury health inspections in April

May 2, 2019

DANBURY - Six kitchens failed health department inspections in April, including McDonald’s on Newtown Road.

The eateries were open on Thursday after passing re-inspections.

Five of the six kitchens failed because of a serious violation involving improper handwashing, a food temperature error, or a food container that was compromised.

The other kitchen failed because it accumulated too many demerits.

The failing kitchens were Dutchess of Danbury on Mill Plain Road, Grand Century Buffett on Padanarum Road, La Mexicana Bakery on White Street, Lou’s Everything Store and Salvage on Liberty Street, McDonald’s on Newtown Road and Widow Brown’s Café on Federal Road.

A manager of Widow Brown’s said the restaurant failed because an inspector watched a cook touch a piece of toast and then pick up a piece of lettuce without washing his hands first.

“Honestly, I don’t think it should have been a violation,” said J.T. Wilson, manager of Widow Brown’s, who said cooks are supposed to wash hands immediately after touching raw food. “But we have to abide by what the inspector says.”