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Woman Released From Federal Custody

February 22, 1986

BOISE, Idaho (AP) _ A woman who was sentenced to prison in connection with crimes allegedly committed by The Order, a white supremacist group, has been released under an amended federal sentence.

″While it appears that the defendant’s involvement was indeed serious, it does not appear that she was involved in any acts of violence, nor does it appear that she was in fact a member of The Order,″ U.S. District Judge Marion Callister said.

Authorities said Suzanne Tornatsky was released from Ada County Jail on Friday.

Ms. Tornatsky pleaded guilty in April to being ″an accessory after the fact″ to a $3.6 million armored-car robbery in Ukiah, Calif., allegedly committed by members of The Order. She also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit an armored car robbery in Boise.

In an plea-bargain agreement, Callister in August sentenced her to 10 years on each count, with the sentences running concurrently.

Callister reduced one 10-year sentence to time served and suspended another 10-year sentence to five years probation.

Callister said in the sentence amendment that he imposed the 10-year sentences thinking she would be paroled in 14 to 20 months. But he said he doesn’t think the parole board would follow that recommendation.

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