Flynn’s debut leads to 48-20 defeat

September 2, 2018

Austin Flynn may be a rookie high school head football coach but he doesn’t need a ton of games under his belt to know what costly penalties and turnovers can do to a team’s chances of winning.

Those were two of the problems that caused Port Arthur Memorial to spoil Flynn’s debut Friday night, following a 48-20 setback at the Titans field.

“We turned the ball over. We’ve got penalties left and right. Extremely undisciplined on our end. It starts with me and it’s something that we’ve started to get corrected today. That all starts with me,” Flynn said Saturday afternoon.

Despite trailing at halftime by a decent amount, Flynn felt fortunate that the Deer were still in striking distance despite all the first-half missteps.

“There were some big momentum plays that they created and got. For us, we didn’t get one of those. They deserve all the credit in the world, but I think the final score doesn’t indicate how close the game could have been. Maybe one or two of them I think changed the whole dynamic of the game. You can’t get yourself in a hole against a really good football team,” Flynn said.

Name the football sin and the Deer were guilty of it. There was fumble on the opening kickoff, there was the blocked punt, there was a pick-6 thrown by Deer Park’s reserve quarterback.

The troubles started from the get-go as Flynn described the first quarter with a very unflattering word.

“I thought our kids played extremely hard but we just didn’t play disciplined and smart enough,” Flynn said.

The score may not indicate it, but Flynn thought the defense played as best as it could under the circumstances.

“The boxscore does not indicate how well our defense played. We gave our defense short fields all day and they really bowed their necks. It could have been a lot worse,” said Flynn, praising the efforts of the interior linemen.

“We spot’em 10 points with our first two drives. You can’t do that against really good teams,” Flynn said.

Flynn praised the special teams work of Marcus Molina, whose efforts on kickoff returns were greatly appreciated.

“We can take this loss as a win because we can learn from this quickly, rather than an Xs and Os type of thing. I love our personnel, I love our kids but I think there’s some little things that we can correct right now. It’s not necessarily going to take five or six games. I like this group, but we have to do the things well that we can control,” Flynn said.

There is one silver lining to the defeat. The Deer are done with the Titans and now nine more and probably a few more than that must contend with a Port Arthur Memorial club that’s only going to get better.

“I think they’ll have a really good season if they stay healthy. They’re an extremely talented football team,” Flynn said.

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