August 22, 2018

Fedorenko, the first suspected Nazi war criminal deported from the U.S. to the Soviet Union, was executed by firing squad in 1987 at age 79.

A Soviet court found the former Treblinka death camp guard guilty of treason, voluntarily joining the Nazis and participating in mass killings at the camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Fedorenko was deported in December 1984 after a seven-year battle to remain in the U.S., where he had worked in a Connecticut factory before retiring to Miami Beach.

The U.S. stripped his citizenship after finding he attained it by omitting references to his Nazi service.

Trial witnesses said they saw Fedorenko beating and shooting Jews.

Fedorenko did not deny he had worked at Treblinka, but said he did not participate in any killings, telling the court, “Jews were among my best friends.”

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