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Nicaragua Politician Fires Shots

May 12, 2000

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) _ A congressman who was accused of bigamy brought a pistol to the National Assembly today, fired several shots and threatened to kill himself, according to state radio and a witness.

The government’s Radio Nicaragua reported that the incident involved Marlon Boanerges Castillo, 41, of the governing Constitutionalist Liberal Party.

It was confirmed by an official at the assembly, Nicaragua’s congress.

``He came into the chamber of the assembly carrying a pistol with which he has fired seven shots and has asked that local and international journalists come,″ said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. He the congressman had placed the pistol to his jaw and was threatening to pull the trigger.

The assembly was not in session. There were five other people in the chamber with the congressman, according to the official.

Earlier this week, a woman asked the assembly to strip Castillo of his congressional immunity so that she could file charges of bigamy against him.

She claims that Castillo is actually German Antonio Alvarez Urbina, whom she married 20 years ago and with whom she had two daughters.

The woman, Maritza del Carmen Sequeira Morales, said she had thought Alvarez had died in 1984 while fighting for the U.S.-backed Contra rebels against the leftist Sandinista government of the time.

Castillo had denied the charges, claiming that Sequeira was trying to blackmail him. He said he had been married twice and was divorced from his first wife.

Police closed off the area around the National Assembly and were trying, aided by other congressmen, to convince Castillo to put down the weapon.

Sequeira had shown reporters photographs of herself with Alvarez and produced a copy of their wedding certificate.

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