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Abdallah’s Lawyer Asks Justice Minister to Void Life Sentence

March 8, 1987

PARIS (AP) _ The lawyer for Georges Ibrahim Abdallah said Sunday he asked the justice minister to overturn the terrorist’s life sentence after Abdallah’s previous lawyer admitted to spying on his client for the secret service.

Abdallah was convicted Feb. 28 of complicity in the 1982 murders of a U.S. and an Israeli diplomat and in the attempted murder of another American diplomat.

Jean-Paul Mazurier, who served as Abdallah’s lawyer for two years and defended him in a 1986 trial in Lyon, revealed Friday that he also worked for the French secret service and informed on his client.

Abdallah’s current attorney, Jacques Verges, said in a letter to Justice Minister Albin Chalandon that it was the first time in French history that ″the state sends to an accused a secret service agent disguised as a lawyer to betray the defense.″

Verges, who defended Abdallah in last month’s trial, asked the minister to issue a formal order to the Paris court to annul the verdict.

Verges’ letter was printed in the newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche, and Verges confirmed its authenticity to The Associated Press. He said he sent the letter Friday night and that he had not received a response by Sunday night.

Abdallah is considered a leader of the Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Factions, which claimed responsibility for the three attacks.

In July 1986, Abdallah, defended by Mazurier, was sentenced to four years in prison for criminal association and possession of arms, explosives and false documents.

A book to be published this week, ″Black Agent, a Mole in the Abdallah Affair,″ written by Laurent Gally with Mazurier’s collaboration, describes in detail Mazurier’s double role as lawyer-agent.

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