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Latest Developments in Kosovo

May 3, 1999

Latest developments relating to the Kosovo crisis:

_Three U.S. soldiers released after a month in Yugoslav custody arrive at a NATO airbase in Ramstein, Germany. But there is no sign that their release, won by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, will spark a new peace initiative.

_NATO loses two planes in a 24-hour period. An American F-16 fighter-bomber crashes over western Serbia. NATO blames engine failure, while Yugoslavia claims to have shot it down. A U.S. Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier also goes down in the Adriatic Sea. Pilots from both planes are rescued.

_NATO strikes blow up a refinery in Yugoslavia’s second-largest city, Novi Sad. Belgrade is plunged into darkness when NATO jets strike a major power line.

_The alliance acknowledges that a NATO missile struck a bus during an attack on a bridge in Kosovo. The Yugoslav Foreign Ministry said the strike killed 47 civilians and seriously injured 17.

_Ethnic Albanians fleeing into Macedonia say Serb militiamen killed at least 32 people in the Kosovo village of Slovinje. Refugees say they were forced to dig graves for the bodies before being expelled from their homes.

_The Kremlin announces its special envoy Victor Chernomyrdin will meet President Clinton on Monday, part of Russia’s bid to mediate an end to the Kosovo crisis.

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