Survey to gauge Mohave County’s health

March 25, 2019

The Mohave County Department of Public Health is getting ready to conduct a health assessment to see some of the health issues that are concerning the citizens of Mohave County.

The Community Health Assessment is to understand the health issues that are predominant to the county.

“The survey was developed to provide a medium for citizens to share health-related needs and concerns, and to assist with the development of strategies targeting the highest priority needs,” said George Bagube, the public health department’s systems analyst and public information officer.

The survey consists of 22 questions with topics that include health, age, and gender, location by zip code, health care challenges, limitations, service needs and family dynamics.

“Take 5 minutes to complete the survey, because your voice matters,” Bagube said. “Every single survey returned, is counted, data collected, and becomes part of a community response to determine high priority health concerns and issues.”

Bagube said, the best part of the community participating in the survey is to share thoughts, opinions and concerns to help improve the health of the community.

The survey is in both English and Spanish. All participants will be anonymous and have an opportunity to entire their name in a drawing to win a free Apple iPad. The last day to take the survey is April 5. The survey can be accessed on the Mohave County Department of Public Health and the Mohave County Public Health Facebook Page. To access the survey, visit http://bit.ly/MohaveHealth2019.