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Foreign Computer Virus Hits Osaka University

December 5, 1989

TOKYO (AP) _ A virus from abroad has entered a computer system at Osaka University but caused no major disturbance, an official said Tuesday.

The virus was detected Oct. 19 in one of four computers linked to a high energy physics network that also includes the United States and Europe, said Shojiro Sugimoto, an official at the school in western Japan. The virus was removed immediately and there was no major damage to computers, he said.

A virus, apparently from abroad, also was detected in computers at Tokyo University’s Atomic Nucleus Research Institute and Tokyo Metropolitan University, but there were no reports of major damage, the Japan Broadcasting Corp. reported Tuesday.

Computer viruses, created by unknown programmers, are pieces of software that reproduce themselves and spread from one machine to another through infected floppy disks, office networks or telephone lines. They erode a computer’s processing power and storage space, or destroy information.

A virus disrupted computers at the University of Tokyo’s seismological and ocean research institutes in October. That virus infected only personal computers being used by researchers, and not major computer systems.

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