May Carlos Romero rest in peace

September 16, 2018

The insensitive words of Steve Terrell in his article (“Night for firsts,” Sept. 4) has reached across the Pacific Ocean to Japan where Carlos’ son is stationed in Japan. It has reached west to his fiancée in Seattle. It reached me a state over in Arizona, and it has hit my family back home in Santa Fe even harder (“Trails to tragedy,” Nov. 16, 1997).

How can The New Mexican allow an article to describe the “precious” moment where a reporter bonded with his son over the chalk outlines of my brother’s body? Do you know how my mom bonds with her dead son? She bonds at the cemetery.

It took me 10-plus years to be able to walk near the sidewalk where Carlos died without tears or anxiety. It took his 10-year anniversary to get me back to Zozobra and the Fiesta after my brother was killed, and 20 years to enjoy it again. Your words, as few as they were, pierced my heart like the bullet that pierced my brother.

Those insensitive words have taken the small healing we thought we had and burned it like the ashes of Zozobra that dreadful night. In the 21 years my brother has been gone, I have never, not once, visualized or had an image of my brother outlined in chalk. Thanks for taking that from me, too. For the record, my brother was not a gang member. He was a 4.0 student who had college offers from places like Michigan State University and as far away as the University of Oxford. He was a loving father, son, brother, grandson, cousin, uncle, nephew and friend.

Terrell should know that, since he was covering the trial for Carlos’ murder. I can’t believe we answered your questions — we gave you our time as we suffered through those three trials. It feels like betrayal, but that’s my bad for thinking people are better.

Felicia Romero is the brother of Carlos Romero, who was killed at the 1997 Fiesta de Santa Fe after the Zozobra burning.

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