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Leno Enjoys ‘Battlebots’ Competition

November 19, 2000

LAS VEGAS (AP) _ After watching homemade robots destroy each other in noisy battle, ``Tonight Show″ host Jay Leno came up with a strategy.

``We just kind of keep ramming the other guy,″ he said Saturday at Comedy Central’s ``Battlebots″ competition.

It worked.

Leno’s ``Chin-Killa″ robot easily defeated ``Ginsu,″ a combination of saw blades on wheels.

About 140 robots entered the competition, which has become somewhat of a phenomenon for robot creators and the show’s fans. The robots, classified by weight, fight inside a Plexiglas-enclosed ring until one is destroyed or badly damaged.

``Chin-Killa,″ decorated with a caricature of Leno, was created by some of his crew members and debuted on his show earlier this month.

``I like anything that rolls and explodes and blows up,″ he said. ``It’s kind of an extension of the L.A. freeway.″

Before the fight, Leno had ``Chin-Killa″ destroy a mock Florida ballot counting machine.

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