Canes playoff beards: Ready, set, grow

April 9, 2019

The reasoning behind a playoff beard is a bit fuzzy.

Canes center Jordan Staal, said, “I don’t even know who started it or how long it’s been going.”

Staal did his best to explain why you might notice more scruff leading up to the Stanley Cup.

“It’s the lazy man’s way of just playing hockey,” said Staal. “You’re not worried about how you look or what you gotta do, just worried about winning games.”

Head coach Rod Brind’Amour is one of the few who opted out of playoff beard during his playoff days and he noticed a couple of the guys haven’t committed to a playoff “five o-clock shadow” just yet.

Brind’Amour laughed, “I think [Martinook] shaved today right? I don’t know where that’s all going. Slavin did too? Hmm. I don’t even know.”

The Canes locker room filled us in on who they think has the strongest beard game.

Canes captain Justin Williams said, “Best beard? I would assume its going to be [Lucas] Wallmark. He’s a very hairy guy. Worst beard is going to be Brock McGinn, that’s for sure.”

Defenseman Justin Faulk predicted, “McGinn. I can’t imagine it will be too good. It’s a little red. So, I guess it will have a little color but that’s about it.”

“I think there’s a couple of guys on this team that will be worse than me,” said McGinn. “Specifically Sebastian [Aho] here, I don’t know if he can grow any so hopefully I beat him. We’ll see.”

Beard or wannabe beard, the Canes are energized for their playoff opener against the Caps Thursday.

Staal said, “It’s an awesome feeling as a player, and that’s what you wanna feel and be a part of and I think the fans do too. It’s been a long time coming.”