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ABC Bounces Comedies For Literate Private Eye

June 7, 1985

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ ABC-TV has temporarily dropped two situation comedies from its fall schedule and will substitute a detective series, ″Spenser: For Hire,″ based on the best-selling books about a literate private eye.

The network said Thursday it has taken ″Mr. Sunshine″ and ″He’s the Mayor″ off the schedule and will telecast them at a later time.

″Spenser: For Hire,″ starring Robert Urich, is based on the books by Robert B. Parker about the Boston-based detective with fists of iron and the mind of an intellectual.

Spenser, a wise-cracking detective, is a gourmet cook and quotes literature and poetry. Parker, a former college professor, named him after Elizabethan poet Edmund Spenser.

ABC also announced that it was changing the title of ″Family Honor″ to ″Our Family Honor.″ The show, about a crime family and a police family, stars Kenneth McMillan and Eli Wallach.

ABC will telecast ″Spenser″ at 10 p.m. Friday. The network juggled its Tuesday and Friday night schedules to accommodate the change.

It dropped ″He’s the Mayor″ from Tuesday, moved ″Diff’rent Strokes″ from Tuesday to Friday and shifted ″Our Family Honor″ from Friday to Tuesday.

″Mr. Sunshine″ stars Jeffrey Tambor as a blind college professor picking up the pieces of his life after an unhappy marriage. In ″He’s the Mayor,″ Kevin Hooks stars as a young black man who is elected mayor.

Here is the new Tuesday schedule: ″Who’s the Boss,″ 8 p.m.; ″Growing Pains,″ 8:30 p.m.; ″Moonlighting,″ 9 p.m.; ″Our Family Honor,″ 10 p.m.

The Friday schedule: ″Webster,″ 8 p.m.; ″Mr. Belvedere,″ 8:30 p.m.; ″Diff’rent Strokes,″ 9 p.m.; ″Benson,″ 9:30 p.m.; then ″Spenser: For Hire.″

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