Land renting relationship workshops coming up soon

November 14, 2018

NORFOLK - Renting land can have its positives and negatives and the Nebraska Extension is trying to make it a smoother process by holding numerous workshops around Northeast Nebraska.

Extension Educator for Cedar County Ben Beckman says one of the workshops will be in Norfolk on December 3rd.

Beckman says one thing they’ll talk about is keeping lines of communication between the landlord and renter clear.

“Making sure everyone understands how farming and ranching works today. A lot of times we have landlords that may have grown up on the farm, moved off, and inherited the land but haven’t been involved with production agriculture for a number of years.”

Beckman says they’ll talk about lease rates and making sure landowners get appropriate prices based on their land.

He says another topic highlighted and one of the most important things is making sure both parties are invested in the relationship.

For more information visit Extension.UNL.EDU.

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