BONN, West Germany (AP) _ Published comments by Chancellor Helmut Kohl's chief spokesman on Hitler's Waffen-SS troops has damaged West Germany's international image, a Greens party federal lawmaker charged Wednesday.

Jutta Oesterle-Schwerin, speaking to Parliament, referred to an interview with chief government spokesman Hans Klein published last Thursday in the illustrated magazine Quick.

''The Waffen-SS were fighting troops, not criminals,'' Klein was quoted as saying in the interview. ''They believed that they must defend their homeland.''

The Waffen-SS were military units in the SS, the Nazis' special police.

Ms. Oesterle-Schwerin told Parliament the government should clarify its position on Klein's comments, ''which have damaged our international image.''

After the article was published, the leader of West Germany's Jewish community, Heinz Galinski, also protested and said Klein's remarks should not go without criticism.

Galinski pointed out that some Waffen-SS units served as guards at Nazi concentration camps, where millions of Jews were exterminated or died of disease and malnutrition.

Galinski himself was the only member of his immediate family to survive internment at the Auschwitz concentration camp in what is now Poland.

Klein was not available in Bonn for comment Wednesday.

Kohl's chief of staff, Rudolf Seiters, said the spokesman would clarify his position at a later Parliament session.

Last year, Philipp Jenninger was forced to resign as president of the Bundestag, or parliament, after a controversial speech in which he gave an inflammatory explanation of Hitler's appeal to the German people.

Jenninger said many Germans considered Hitler's march through Europe ''triumphal'' and he bluntly referred to the widespread anti-Semitism among Germans that allowed Hitler's repression of Jews.