Longmont’s Capital Improvement Program Identifies Unfunded Needs Ranging from Parks to Transportation

September 5, 2018

Scott Fearing plays with his dog, Buddy, at the dog park along St. Vrain Road Sept. 04. Relocating the dog park to a yet-to-be-developed site at Airport and Rogers roads is one of the thus-far unfunded projects in the 2019-2023 Capital Improvement Program being proposed by the city staff.

Longmont city staff’s proposed 2019-2023 Capital Improvement Program, in addition to detailing about $217.75 million in projects anticipated to be be fully or at least partially funded by the end of that time frame, includes millions of dollars of other major repairs, replacements, expansions and upgrades of city facilities for which no funding might be available before 2024.

Those unfunded projects are potential infrastructure improvements that have been identified as needed or meriting consideration for Longmont’s downtown public plazas, municipal buildings, parks and recreation properties, and sanitation, sewer, transportation, water and drainage systems.

While Longmont could find the money to proceed with some of the projects on the “unfundeds” list within the next five years, among the items sitting there now are:

• Downtown plazas: Redevelop the Sixth Avenue Plaza between Main and Coffman streets “into a meaningful block-long gathering place,” and the St. Stephen’s Plaza on the 500 block of Main Street into “a more engaging and functional gathering place.” Estimated cost: $200,000.

• Airport Road Dog Park: Relocate the popular existing dog park at Airport and St. Vrain roads to a new, yet-to-be-developed site at Airport and Rogers roads, a move that eventually will be needed before a planned expansion of the city public works facility at 375 Airport Road. Estimated cost: $1.24 million.

• Ute Creek Golf Course clubhouse: Develop an expanded clubhouse facility at 2000 Ute Creek Drive that would include a full-service food and beverage operation, community meeting rooms, expanded golf cart storage, equipment and site improvements, allowing the current clubhouse area to be used as a pro shop. Estimated cost: $2.47 million.

• Roosevelt Park Pavilion: Remove and replace the concrete under the pavilion, a facility that is the site of special events and outdoor ice skating at the park at 700 Longs Peak Ave. Estimated cost: $206,000.

• Fire Station No. 4: Expand the station at 501 23rd Ave. that serves areas near Colo. 66 and North Main Street to accommodate additional crews and equipment. Estimated cost: $1.11 million.

• Fire Station No. 1: Build a 4,800-square-foot detached structure south of the station at 1070 Terry St. to provide storage for equipment, a centralized training classroom and meeting space for the entire fire department. Estimated cost: $1.01 million.

• Longmont Police and Boulder County Sheriff’s Office Firing Range and Training Facility: Replace the roof on the south half of the building at 10916 Weld County Road 5, install sound-deadening insulation and install around the property a chain link fence with power gates and a card reader. Estimated cost: $1.32 million.

• Left Hand Creek: Improve the Left Hand Creek channel from just north of Pike Road to just downstream of Bowen Street, removing about 25 homes from the 100-year floodplain and increasing the creek’s capacity to contain a 100-year flood event. Estimated cost: $2.6 million.

• Price Park water tank: Replace two water storage facilities — a 2 million-gallon reservoir built in 1922 that is no longer in service and a 7 million-gallon reservoir built in 1955 in what’s now a city park at 1900 Longs Peak Ave. — with a 5 million-gallon concrete tank that would raise water pressure for customers served by the facility. Estimated cost: $11.46 million.

• Clover Basin water transmission line: Install 4,520 feet of 30-inch water transmission line under the Vance Brand Municipal Airport and adjacent properties from Lykins Gulch to St. Vrain Road, pending future development at the airport and nearby properties. Estimated cost: $4.31 million.

• Union Reservoir pumpback pipeline: Install a water pumping station at Union Reservoir and a pipeline to carry that water to such upstream delivery points as the Rough and Ready Ditch, a point west of Longmont that would allow water to be delivered to Lake McIntosh and the Oligarchy Ditch, and a delivery point at Burch Lake. Estimated cost: $28.5 million.

• Colo. 66: Reconstruct and widen Colo. 66 between Hover Street and U.S. 287/Main Street — anticipated to include two travel lanes in each direction, on-street bike lanes, a detached sidewalk and left-turn and deceleration lanes at appropriate locations — a project that could require a combination of federal, state and local transportation funds. Estimated cost: $7.7 million.

• Hover Street Bridge: Replace the existing bridge over the St. Vrain River with one having the hydraulic capacity to convey a 100-year flood underneath it. Estimated cost: $5.3 million.

• Bowen Street Bridge: Replace the current bridge over Left Hand Creek with a larger structure that could pass 100-year flood flows beneath it, with the project to include a pedestrian underpass. Estimated cost: $1.97 million.

• Boston Avenue connection: Extend Boston Avenue from South Pratt Parkway to Price Road. Estimated cost: $4.1 million.

• Nelson Road: Widen Nelson between Grandview Meadows Drive and Hover Street to include additional westbound lanes, pedestrian connections along the north side of the road, and an additional eastbound lane on the west leg of the Nelson-Airport Road intersection. Estimated cost: $7.2 million.

• Nelson Road and Hover Street: Improve the intersection, including a widening of Hover to provide three northbound and three southbound travel lanes and double left-turn lanes, along with minor widening of Nelson to provide for bike lanes. Estimated cost: $5.96 million.

• Safety and Justice Center: Add 25,732 square feet of office space, reconfigure 33,000 square feet of existing space and construct a 91,392-square-foot parking garage at the center at 225 Kimbark St. Estimated cost: $20.23 million.

• Municipal training center: Consolidate the police training facility at Colo. 119 and Weld County Road 5 and the fire training center at 111 First Ave. at a new, larger, yet-to-be-identified location with adequate space to meet the needs of the Public Safety Department and other city departments. Estimated cost: $30.37 million.

• Longmont Public Library: Remodel the 409 Fourth Ave. building’s interior, make security improvements, upgrade restrooms, redesign staff work spaces and renovate the area outside the children’s library. Estimated cost: $1.32 million.

• Aquatics Recreation Center: Design and construct a facility with a competitive swimming pool with a large spectator area, a leisure pool and a National Hockey League-size ice rink. Estimated cost: $45.08 million.

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