Generations compare school days

October 2, 2018

Then and now, generations always fight to get those of another generation to see through their eyes. Well, I am here to do just that — compare the differences in the classroom of then and now.

This is in hopes that next time someone has the urge to say that student life is “care free,” maybe they will take a moment to consider just what they are saying.

There has always been chaos in school, but let’s look at what the chaos was then. Books were smaller, and school days were shorter; this left time for personal fun and homework. The homework load was oftentimes easy. All the information ever needed was in your textbook and classes were smaller. Students were not obligated to stand out or be perfect at everything.

These were pretty simple days, but now everyone has to jump just three hurdles and do a front flip just to get through the day.

Chaos now consists with our phones always being on, computers open and ready, and the smallest drop of a pencil could completely change the environment from somewhat peaceful to full chaos.

Books are giant or online, class sizes have tripled and are easily distracted. Homework is given daily and ranges in length and difficulty. Students have to push to be perfect or deal with having to struggle to be seen by college recruiters, who are constantly pushing their information through email, text, mail and even by visits. Students become stressed and overwhelmed when it comes to having work after school. Just last night, I did all of my homework at 10:30 p.m. due to working until 10 that night.

Although there still are the differences between back then and now, there are some things that will never change. Students will always show up late; there will always be the cheaters and those with attitude.

Everyone comes from all walks of life, and in order to be a better society, we need to stop focusing on how things were and realize that things have changed to the now.

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