LAKE PLACID, N.Y. (AP) — Sarah Hendrickson won the K95 U.S. Ski Jumping Championship on Sunday for her third national title, and Nick Fairall topped the men's field for his second title.

Hendrickson, from Park City, Utah, had a second jump of 97.5 meters to beat Jessica Jerome, also from Park City, by a point.

"We really had a high level of competition, with both Jessica and Tara (Geraghty-Moats) in the field," Hendrickson said. "They both represent women's ski jumping really well, so overall, I'm really happy with the results."

Fairall, from Andover, New Hampshire, broke a first-round tie with Anders Johnson of Park City with a 100.5-meter jump. Johnson was second.

"It was a very beautiful day for sure, with the weather," Fairall said. "It was a tough week training with a lot of wind and adverse conditions, but today was excellent. The conditions were fair, for the most part, for everyone. The jury did a good job in controlling the conditions the best they could.

"My jumps were decent. I was able to put two of them together, so I'm pleased with the outcome. I'm just glad to go home with the title."