Ringle man makes initial appearance for felony false imprisonment

September 18, 2018

JUNEAU — A 30-year-old Ringle man made an initial appearance Monday on charges of felony false imprisonment.

Kent Hubbard is charged also charged with misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor disorderly conduct after allegedly trapping his boyfriend in a choke hold during a violent altercation. If convicted, he faces six years in prison and large fines.

Judge Martin De Vries ordered a $1,000 signature bond, with the conditions that Hubbard maintain absolute sobriety, not contact the boyfriend and not have violent contact with anyone.

According to the criminal complaint, Hubbard and his boyfriend were spending the day together at a house Hubbard had recently purchased in Reeseville when they got into an argument about their relationship on an August afternoon. The boyfriend said Hubbard had been drinking and he left the house before the situation became worse.

The complaint says that the boyfriend started to drive away when Hubbard called him to return items that belonged to Hubbard. The boyfriend drove back and said Hubbard began to hit his vehicle when he returned. He said Hubbard pulled him out of the vehicle and threw him to the ground before Hubbard put him into a choke hold.

The boyfriend said he got away and ran into the house, where Hubbard put him into another choke hold and hit him on the back of the head, before he allegedly took the boyfriend’s phone and keys and left for a bar.

Police found red marks and cuts on the boyfriend’s body and stains from dirt and grass and his clothing. The boyfriend said there had been similar incidents in the eight-month period they were dating.

Police encountered Hubbard at a bar, where he said they had gotten into a fight about their relationship and claimed that he had a video of the boyfriend throwing items and breaking things, though police said he could not produce the video. He denied physical contact with the boyfriend. An officer said he noticed cuts and scrapes on Hubbard that appeared to be from the gravel driveway in the incident. Hubbard denied having cuts.

Hubbard returned the phone, but denied having the boyfriend’s keys. An officer then arrested Hubbard.

No future court activity is listed online at this time.

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