Havasu hits local stores in search of Black Friday deals

November 24, 2018

From Main Street to the Shops at Lake Havasu, Black Friday saw a flurry of activity this week as visitors and residents converged on Lake Havasu City’s retail stores.

For shoppers, it was a chance to save money, a chance to put a swift end to the chore of Christmas shopping, or just a chance to shop before returning home.

“I pretty much want to get my shopping over and done with,” said Lake Havasu City resident Kristi Patten. “The bargains are pretty good … these days it’s hard for businesses to compete with online retailers, but a lot of these stores manage to do it, which is good because it keeps our money local.”

The Shops at Lake Havasu, which includes national retail outlets, saw heavy traffic and thousands of shoppers throughout Friday. Debbie Deanda, also of Havasu, wasn’t shopping for anything specific. She simply searched for items, and prices, that caught her eye.

“It’s Black Friday, I’m seeing what kind of savings I can find,” Deanda said. “I see little things here and there to get for people … I have so many people in my family, and my friends to shop for.”

For Seattle resident Kevin Silverman, however, went shopping on Black Friday for a more practical reason. Returning home after spending Thanksgiving with his family, he was going to need something warm to wear.

“I’m just taking advantage of sales on my way out of town,” Silverman said. “I’m mostly looking for long-sleeve shirts … it’s cold in Seattle this time of year. I don’t usually do Black Friday … I usually wait until the chaos stops before I go out. I think that works out better.”

Others, like California resident Cyndie Pinson, didn’t shop at all. Pinson shared coffee with her daughter, Holly Pinson, at the Shops at Lake Havasu Friday afternoon.

“I visited my family for Thanksgiving, but I didn’t do any shopping,” Pinson said. “We’re not doing Christmas this year – no gifts. We’re just skipping it. I work too much, and spending time to find presents, shop for them … it’s too much. This year we’re skipping it.”

Instead, Pinson and her family spent much of their Friday on a boat, enjoying Lake Havasu’s waves and warm weather. “We had an amazing time,” she said. “It was fantastic. I loved it.”

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