Evers should have honored La Follette -- Bob Hunt

January 15, 2019

Gov. Tony Evers must have flunked history class.

Gov. Evers’ inaugural ceremony took place away from the Capitol’s statue of Robert M. La Follette -- the common spot for inaugurations. Gov. Evers chose the spot former Gov. Scott Walker used.

Walker did not want to be inaugurated by La Follette’s statue because of his distaste for progressive policy and the progressive legacy represented by La Follette. The Wisconsin Historical Society summarizes La Follette:

“Robert La Follette developed his fierce opposition to corporate power and political corruption as a young man. Affiliated with the Republican Party for almost his entire career, La Follette embarked on a political path that would take him to Congress, the governorship of Wisconsin, and the U.S. Senate. His support for progressive reforms, rousing oratory, and frequent clashes with party leaders earned him the nickname ‘Fighting Bob.’”

Writing in 1998, historian John D. Buenker described La Follette as “the most celebrated figure in Wisconsin history.” Yet Gov. Evers chose to stand with Walker instead of La Follette?

Gov. Evers is hereby sent to remedial reading class. He and the uninformed will find many books and testaments of fellow citizens to enlighten themselves to why previous governors have taken their oath at the La Follette statue.

Bob Hunt, Lodi

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