More tips for a smooth transition back to school

August 19, 2018

Even though school has begun, your child’s back-to-school transition is not yet complete. Here are two ways to make things flow more smoothly throughout the next few weeks.

Invite and allow the free sharing of all feelings about school: Your child may be happy, sad, mad, hurt or afraid about making the shift from summer to school. Having conversations about feelings can make the transition smoother. Create the space for her to be able to say, “I feel mad that summer is over. I won’t be able to ride my bike and play every day.” Rather than trying to fix the feeling or happy up your child, simply ask, “What else are you feeling?” or “What else will you miss?” Open ended questions allow your child to feel heard and allow you to more deeply understand what is going on. You don’t need to change anything. Simply listen.

Talk about how your mornings will look: With the added factor of time, mornings are generally trigger times for both parents and children. Discuss your vision for mornings. Ask your child what he needs to make mornings great. Be clear on important times, including wake up and departure for school. Will school clothes be chosen the night before or in the morning? Will your child use an alarm clock or prepare his own lunch or breakfast? Will he take a bath before bed or before school? This discussion will help everyone have greater clarity.

I wish you a spectacular year!

Maggie Macaulay, M.S. Ed., is the owner of Whole Hearted Parenting, offering coaching, courses and workshops. Contact her at 954-483-8021 or www.WholeHeartedParenting.com.

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