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Tiger Woods watch out: here comes Matthew Draper, ace at age 5

June 28, 1997

LONDON (AP) _ The player was 5, the hole was 4, the par was 3, he started when he was 2, he got it in 1.

Matthew Draper made headlines Friday when a newspaper revealed that, at age 5, he was the youngest Briton to score a hole-in-one.

The British Broadcasting Corp. reported that the Guinness Book of Records was checking whether that was a world record.

Matthew scored his ace last week at the Cherwell Edge course in Middleton Cheny, central England, on junior’s night.

He scored his 120-yard ace on the fourth hole, a par-3, using a 3-wood.

``It felt good,″ the tiny blond confessed to the BBC with a shrug.

Matthew picked up a club when he was 2, and started practicing. A relative now custom-makes his clubs.

``Matthew’s always dreamed of a hole-in-one,″ his father Philip told The Express daily newspaper. ``Every time he plays, he asks me if I think he’ll get it this time.″

The Cherwell golf pro admired Matthew’s style. ``He regularly hits the ball that distance and relies on his technique rather than his strength,″ Joe Kingston told The Express.

Asked for tips, Matthew told The Express: ``Bend your knees as if you were sitting on a tall stool. And watch the ball.″

The current world record-holder, Cody Orr of Littleton, Colo., who was 5 when he got an ace in 1975 at a course in San Antonio, Texas.

Matthew was 5 years, 7 months and 9 days old when he made the shot. Guinness is tracking down Orr to try and determine whether his exact age when he scored his ace.

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