State trooper, good Samaritans save loose dog on I-95

December 17, 2018

And people say there’s never any good news.

Well, here’s a story shared by Connecticut State Police on their Facebook page that’s making lots of people happy and grateful because its happy `ending.

Who knows, maybe it will be made into a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie next year.

It’s the story of a little dog that for some reason, got loose on I-95 in Westport on Sunday.

Hours after the incident, state police posted:

“Who needs Superheroes when you have Connecticut State Troopers?

“Things got a little ‘hairy’ on Route I-95 in Westport this morning when this cutie pie (ladies....I’m referring to the DOG) got loose on the highway. Troop G Trooper Mike Grabowski responded and with the help of some good Samaritans, little Maggie here was rescued (after a brief but terrifying chase on the highway) and brought back safely to her human.

“Thank you Tpr Grabowski for going above and beyond, you’re certainly a hero to Maggie and her human family today. Also, thank you to the kind people on I-95 who stopped to help! Great job everyone!!!”

The post grew many comments and shares.

They included:

Lisa Mete: “My Mom’s dog!! So grateful and relieved Maggie is home safe and sound. People are good. Trooper Grabowski is a life saver!!

Teresa Kondrat: “Thank you for clarifying who the cutie was LOL. As I thought both were adorable.”

Sue Perkins Desnoyers: “This is what I love seeing our troopers doing.”

Debi Hirth: CSP Grabowski is a hero. Thank you for helping this cute pup and for your service. Thank you to all the wonderful people on I95 that also helped. So glad this little one is back with her human safe and sound.”

Jackie Cianchetti: “A hero. Just doing his job. A million thanks to a wonderful man who puts his life on the line for all of us. THANK YOU.”

Patricia Sentementes: “Thank you officer for rescuing Maggie and to the kind people on I-95 who helped. Blessings to you all and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

Melissa Fabian: “Christmas came early!”

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