6 things to know about the 2018 IJSBA World Finals in Lake Havasu City

September 27, 2018

It is that time of year again when the International Jet Sports Boating Association World Finals is back in Lake Havasu City. The annually anticipated event officially runs from Oct. 1-7 and as usual will be held at Crazyhorse Campgrounds and Resort across the London Bridge on the island. While many things will be the same as in previous years, there are some new things happening at this year’s World Finals. Here are some things to look out for:

1. Competitors on the water

Two brothers from Indonesia, Aero and Aqsa Aswar, are just two names to watch out for. Aqsa Aswar just won the gold medal last month at the Asian Games in Jakarta. Regular winner and former Havasu resident Chris Macclugge will be contending for a stock class title. Jeremy Poret of France, who is coming off of some back-to-back wins at the World Finals, will also be returning and is poised to be one of the fastest racers out there. Also, Dustin and Tyron Motzouris, who recently migrated to Arizona from South Africa will be in the thick of competition.

2. Where to watch and park

The way the World Finals is set up at Crazy Horse allows for great viewing from anywhere. So the question of “where should we sit?” quickly becomes “where shouldn’t we sit?” The World Finals will have grandstands for people to spectate from, but since it takes place on the water close to the beach anyone can watch from the sands as well. As for where to park, there is parking just beyond the entrance to Crazyhorse. Parking will be free until Oct. 3, where on that day will start costing $10 and Oct. 5 will increase to $20 per day. All parking fees are cash only.

3. Vendors and Trade Show

There will be at least 40 unique vendors at the World Finals this year showcasing not just products related to personal watercraft-related goodies. Some vendors to look out for are Kawasaki, Sea-Doo, Miami’s Jet Ski Shop and Scoops Ice Cream just to name a few. The trade show this year will be featuring, among other products, the Shredder made by DTV Motor Corporation. The Shredder looks like a stand-up personal watercraft but runs on tank tracks for off-roading purposes.

4. You could be in a movie

The filming of a feature film this year is a first for the World Finals. The movie “Hot Water”, starring comedian Jon Lovitz and “90210” remake actor Trevor Donovan will be taking place during the opening weekend of the competition. Saturday and Sunday, there will be casting calls for extras and crowd reactions to the racing will also be filmed.

5. Vacation time

The World Finals is not all business and no play for the competitors that embark upon Lake Havasu from all different parts of the world. It’s also a time enjoy all the things this desert oasis has to offer. While the racers intend on going home a champion, they also intend on doing some relaxing, shopping and partying with the locals. When they are not competing, expect to catch some of the worlds top jet boat racers riding around for fun at Body Beach, enjoying a night at Kokomo or doing some bulk shopping at Walmart.

6. The world comes to havasu

Each year, hundreds of racers come from all over the world to Lake Havasu City for the IJSBA World Finals. This year’s event, the 37th version of the World Finals to be held in Havasu, has competitors from 28 nations. However, this year’s World Finals don’t include the fan-favorite Parade of Nations, an event that in past years allowed competitors to fly their flags and show pride for their home countries. Organizers haven’t said why the event was canceled this year.

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