Singer-songwriter Kramies to release new EP produced in Cleveland

September 28, 2018

Singer-songwriter Kramies to release new EP produced in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Indie-folk artist Kramies traveled all the way to Ireland to record his latest EP in an old-fashioned castle. But much of the production work was completed in Cleveland.

Kramies Windt, who goes by just his first name when he makes music, has been working on the EP, “Of All The Places Been & Everything The End,” for the better part of the past two years.

He worked with fellow musician and friend Todd Tobias, an Akron-based musician who’s performed with Robert Pollard and Guided By Voices.

“The atmosphere here, there’s something very nostalgic that’s bringing stuff out of me,” said Kramies. “I worked in his studio and that’s how I came out here.”

Kramies is currently based in Denver, Colorado, but he grew up in Northeast Ohio in Fairview Park in the ’70s. He got his start in the Cleveland music scene in the late ‘80s, forming a few bands, including Channel and Summer. He started focusing on his solo work in the ’90s.

At that time, Kramies struggled with addiction.

“I became a drug-fueled musician in the Cleveland scene, which was kind of what everyone was doing at the time,” he said. “It wasn’t until I got sober in 2004 that I started signing to record companies and I really went solo, that things started taking off for me.”

Kramies moved to Colorado in 2006 and has lived there since. He spread around his demo tapes, and made contacts with indie record labels. He released a 2011 EP, “The European,” and a 2013 album, “The Wooden Heart,” with instrumentals provided by Grandaddy musician Jason Lytle. Both albums were released by Hidden Shoal, an Australian label.

“Wooden Heart” got attention in various music publications around the world, and received shout-outs from bands like The Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev, Kramies said.

The success of “The Wooden Heart” gave Kramies the opportunity to tour Europe, where he played sold-out theater shows. He’s continued releasing live EPs and singles through Hidden Shoal.

Kramies will release “Of All The Places Been & Everything The End” on Oct. 19. He’s released two singles, “The Hill Dweller” and “Everything The End,” from the new album.

Kramies said his home city’s influence on the album has been important to its sound.

“Making this record here has been a joy. This has been a very hard record to make, because it’s been partly recorded in Ireland, parts in Colorado, parts in California. But most of it has been here [in Cleveland]. It’s traveled, it’s been pretty stressful on me, to piece it together,” said Kramies. “I think coming back to Cleveland has been a major part of that, being that pace, that has brought it together.”

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